Dallas Area Blog Shoot II

I was lucky this weekend when my travels took me back home just in time for the second Dallas Area Blog Shoot. Organized by BobS and The Redneck Engineer, this second shoot took place at a private range south of Dallas where we had numerous pistol bays and a small 300 yard rifle range.

I had let The Redneck Engineer know that my attendance may or may not happen, but that if it did that I would bring all of my “fun to shoot” firearms for attendees to try out. Not surprisingly, the PMR-30 and Barrett M82A1 were the most popular.

Scribbler from Scribbler’s Scrawls shoots the M82A1

The Redneck Engineer takes his turn behind the stock of the big .50 caliber rifle.

And finally, Southern Belle from Bells a’ Ringing shows perfectly why I love sharing this rifle. That big grin alone is well worth the cost of the ammunition!

There are many more photos and videos from the shoot, but I had to leave town again the very next day and ran out of time to upload them all before I once again headed out. Keep an eye out here for them later when I can find a decent internet connection again.

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  1. September 19, 2012    


    Thank you and your mom for attending. I think the family aspect of this blog shoot was one of the best parts. It was a pleasure to meet your mom and touch base with you again.

    And definitely thank you — and oh man are you going to cost me plenty — for bringing out the Barrett. My daughter in law, Ash, looked at me after shooting it and asked “Do you have one of these?” A sad shake of my head prompted “Why NOT? We have to get one!” :)

    Then I tried the PMR-30; what a joy to shoot. As usual I was torn between wanting to talk to people and wanting to shoot all of the guns out there. And man did we have a few tons of guns available.

    Stay tuned for future plans — D.A.B III in concept stage.

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